Managing the Innovation Process

Innovation. We want it. We demand it. Technology, especially information technology, is seen by business leaders as a primary source (often the only source) of innovation, business agility, and even competitive advantage —  and yet we seem to be unable to articulate (or even agree on) something basic: how do you innovate successfully? What is… Continue reading Managing the Innovation Process

Realizing the Business Benefits of Enterprise Architecture

For decades, corporate  executives and department managers have complained about the budget overruns and schedule delays that invariably accompany complex IT business planning and transformation projects. The fact that these costly undertakings  often fall short of achieving the planned business objectives only serves to increase their frustration. The underlying causes for these failures include: the… Continue reading Realizing the Business Benefits of Enterprise Architecture

IT Consumerization — Crisis or Opportunity

The age of IT consumerization is upon us: employees are not only bringing their smartphones and tablet devices to work — they are using them at work, both for personal and work use. This often involves connecting unsecured platforms to vital business services, which is simultaneously exciting and scary. The consumerization of information technology blends… Continue reading IT Consumerization — Crisis or Opportunity

The Mobile Revolution

What happened when computing became mobile? New opportunities for efficiency, effectiveness, marketing and selling opened up. However, we also discovered a Pandora’s Box of new information security threats, reputational risks and legal quicksand. This is an early article on this development and it’s implications.   Mobile-revolution